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Due to the change in the media market, it's becoming harder to have a PR impact. That is why we focus on campaign-oriented and project-related strategies and contracts.

Our goal: we want to generate the maximum outcome possible for you. But within a set timeframe. This way of working gets you the most for your budget, is efficient and generates a buzz all at the same time.

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First we have a chat with you and want to get to know you – free of charge.

For us, communication starts with listening. So we want to know what is important for you, what you need and expect. Together we discuss what activities make sense and are necessary to achieve your goals. Sometimes traditional media work is not the key to everything or the right way to start. At times it's better to take two steps back to be able to take one big step forward.


With us you have a partner at your side who will guide and accompany you through the many possible marketing and PR measures.




Creating smart and sustainable communication strategies is our specialty. We always keep the big picture in mind and think 360 degrees - regardless of whether it falls within our agency's scope or not.

Based on your needs and our experience we develop a concept, timetable and estimate. We present suitable measures, keep your and general PR timings in mind and calculate efficiently.

Signed, sealed, delivered – and we start your next hype!



Long production runs of print media vs. the speedy online and social segment as well as the sheer amount of mailings, news alerts and calls an editor receives every day makes it crucial nowadays, how we approach media to have a PR impact. 

We schedule our press mailings according to the lead-time of the media outlets, plan our follow-ups and pitches accordingly and can so guarantee a media effect.

On top we time all other PR activities like events, influencer relation or media planning and OOH perfectly to generate a buzz in the relevant community.




PR is a people's business. Accordingly, a constructive, honest and transparent exchange within the team, with clients and business partners is essential for us. It is also the most fun way to work!


We don't like an elbow mentality; on the contrary, we rely on expertise and, if necessary, consciously work with external professionals, including other agencies. Because only if we adopt an open attitude, we get the maximum outcome of a collaboration and can guarantee an effective and sustainable brand positioning.


And talking about transparency: we never charge anything you didn't agree to.

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